About Us

Sharemarketbazar is a stock market, cryptocurrency market community.

Sharemarketbazar is a high-quality stock market resource for both novices and advanced users who want to keep up with the rapidly changing digital currency business.

The goal of Sharemarketbazar was to close the knowledge gap between the general public and stock market and crypto technology. Initially, we intended to launch a Bitcoin-only webpage, but as time passed, we discovered how critical it was to stay informed about other stock market related information.

Hello there!

I’m the founder of Sharemarketbazar, Pradeep Singh. I’m a regular guy like you, and I began my internet profession in 2017.

I quit my white-collar job at Bizviz to live the life of my dreams. It was frightening at first because I didn’t have any support or mentor to help me along the way. All of my trials and missteps helped me grow as a person and strengthened my commitment to helping others. I understand how difficult it is to advance in a job when you are on your own, and that is why I am here to assist you.

It wasn’t easy, but I can assure you that it was well worth it.

Sharemarketbazar was created to convey my passion for Blockchain and decentralised finance.