Best Algo Trading Software in India

Best Algo Trading Software in India

Best Algo Trading Software in India

Algorithmic trading, also known as automated trading or system trading, is algorithmic trading. It has exchange approval and is directly linked to NSE servers. For Entry/Exit, some specific rules about trade conditions are pre-defined. If these conditions are met, the computer is programmed to execute the bulk-online trade and automatically submit it to the exchange. It can use any of the following languages: AFL, MQL, C++, Python, etc. Odin, Zerodha streak, Omnesys Next etc are some of the Best Algo Trading Software in India.

Buying a specific stock at a particular time or a complex one using indicators and mathematical models to make trading decisions and Order slicing, for example, are examples of a pre-defined set of instructions.

Algo Trading is a significant part of the Indian stock market, accounting for nearly 40% of total NSE volumes.

In other words, Automated Trading (also known as Algorithmic Trading) is a type of computer trading that submits trades to an exchange without the need for human intervention. It is expensive because automated trading necessitates the use of a separate server. We are the only discount broker that provides fully automated trading to institutional and retail traders without charging extra commissions or omitting features.

Algo Trading Software in India

Although there were many Algo Trading apps available in the Indian finance market sector, we found some of the Best Algo Trading Software in India to offer you the best and one that could enhance your investment journey.

After conducting extensive research and a thorough examination of their features, price, support, advantages, tools, and other factors, these platforms or software were chosen.

Let’s take a closer look at each Algo above Trading Software.


Due to its excellent tools, features, and hassle-free operations.

This Algo Trading Software is one of the best because of its fast and secure platform, which gives you various options for controlling execution direction.

Financial Technologies introduced this software in 1998, and it has since grown to cover more than 80% of the stock market. Surprisingly, over 900 stockbrokers have chosen this Algo Trading software.

Even though this platform allows investors to buy and sell stocks, shares, and other securities listed on the NSE, BSE, and MCX exchanges, a survey found that more than 80% of MCX investors have this application installed on their system.

You can easily place a buy or sell order, use shortcut keys, access advanced charts, keep up with current market events, create multiple watchlists, get third-party news, and much more with this Algo Trading Software!

Furthermore, this software automatically allows you to execute your trading orders based on defined strategies.

It will also allow you to arbitrage the security across various segments such as commodities, initial public offerings (IPOs), mutual funds, equity, derivatives, and currency.

Pros and Cons

  • Execution that is smooth and quick
  • Control the range of order modifications.
  • There are numerous strategies to choose from.
  • Within a few seconds, OMS and RMS calculations are combined.
  • Features that are limited
  • Only a few charts are available.
  • The user interface is difficult to understand.
  • Quite Expensive
  • Significant technical issues
  • Customer service is lacking.
  • Installing is a time-consuming process.
  • Looks dull and uninteresting

2. Zerodha Streak

Streak is ranked second on the list of the 5 Best Algo Trading Software in India.

Streak is one of the best Algo Trading software because it allows beginners, intermediates, and advanced investors to perform Algo Trading efficiently.

This software’s user interface is advanced, simple, and lightning-fast.

Many Algo Trading software requires you to know how to code, but this software allows you to trade even if you don’t know how to code.

This means that traders and investors can use Algo Trading even if they have no prior experience with programming or coding. Surprisingly, no stockbroker in the history of the Indian financial market has ever offered this option.

Streak is a cloud-based semi-automated Algo Trading software developed by Fintech that does not require an investor or trader to download anything.

Instead, they can use Mozilla, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and other similar programs.

If you’re already a customer of this discount broker, you can use the Zerodha Kite app to access the Streak software.

You can buy or sell a stock, share, futures, options, or other securities listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) in three simple steps: Create, Backtest, and Deploy.

If you want to trade options, you can use the best options trading indicator to minimize risk and maximize profits.

Surprisingly, the Algo trading software of this discount broker is also available on smartphones! As a result, you can conduct bulk trading with ease whether you have an Android or an iOS phone.

You can use this software to create one-click Bracket order(BO) strategies and regular order(MIS, CNC/ NRML) strategies.

Learn everything there is to know about CNC and MIS.

You can run an unlimited number of scans and up to 1000 backtests per day if you choose this Algo Trading Software.

Not only that, but the cutting-edge Algo Trading Software Zerodha includes the following features:

      • Entry and Exit conditions
      • Indicators
      • Assist
      • MCX
      • Renko
      • Pre-created strategies under the Discover section
      • A scanner that can help you in viewing the top-performing stocks.
      • Heiken Ashi
      • Expert call option and a lot more!

Pros and Cons

  • Create and run any technical strategy model you want.
  • The user interface is quick, safe, and dependable.
  • Control of risk management
  • Without prior knowledge of coding or programming, you can engage in trade.
  • There is a mobile app available.
  • Customer service is outstanding.
  • Several graphs and indicators
  • There is a free 7-day trial available.
  • One strategy allows for the addition of 20 scrips to a web platform and 50 to an app.
  • Monitor over 20 strategies that will assist you in increasing the volume of your trades and increasing your profits.
  • Check out the best-performing stocks.
  • Only 1000 backtests per day are allowed.
  • It is necessary to have a good internet connection.

3. Omnesys Nest

Omnesys NEST ranked third and is extremely popular among Algo Traders and the financial world.

Omnesys Technologies Pvt Ltd’s NEST platform offers a variety of Algo trading options in equity, commodity, and currency markets.

Create multiple watchlists, view order details through the “order book” feature, view advanced charts, and more with this Algo Trading Software at your fingertips.

This desktop-based Algo trading software also comes with several shortcut keys to help you speed up your trading process.

NEST also offers a variety of technical charts, each with over 100 technical indicators.

Pros and Cons

  • Notifications and alerts are delivered quickly
  • Orders of various types are possible.
  • Algorithmic trading software with a lot of power
  • Several shortcut keys
  • At the same time, multiple orders can be placed.
  • There is an options calculator available.
  • High-speed internet is required.
  • Customer service is lacking.
  • This is not a user-friendly programme.
  • Third-party plugins are not supported.
  • It is not possible to create your indicators.
  • Multiple scripts cannot be screened at the same time for technical reasons.

4. Blitztrader

Among the five best Algo trading software, BlitzTrader is ranked fourth.

Presto ATS was the previous name for this software, but Symphony Fintech changed it a few months ago.

This Algo Trading software efficiently runs a programme and trades in all of the financial classes available on India’s recognized exchanges.

The software allows users to make multiple customizations and run multiple Algos quickly.

It is a cutting-edge Algo Trading software that can work with multiple markets and execute various trades simultaneously.

Institutional investors primarily use this software, but many retail investors have begun to use it in recent years.

This software is designed to automatically send your orders from Excel to the trading terminal.

Apart from all of these benefits, the cost of this platform is high, which is why Algo Traders prefer other platforms with similar capabilities.

Furthermore, the software does not provide a free trial, so if you pay this much money upfront, you will not receive a refund if you have any problems or do not like the software.

Pros and Cons

  • Notifications are sent out quickly
  • Different classes of trade
  • a comprehensive platform
  • a variety of strategies
  • Order processing is quick and easy.
  • High-Efficiency
  • Expensive
  • It is not for the novice or intermediate trader or investor.
  • Advanced order types are chargeable due to poor customer service.
  • Hedging is not permitted.
  • Specific categories have had poor results.

AlgoNomics receives an average rating for being one of India’s five best Algo Trading software.

NSEIT created this well-known software with the needs of traders in mind when making high-volume trades in mind.

This software is used by investment banks, fund managers, and expert level algorithmic traders.

So, if you’re one of the people listed above who conducts bulk trading deals simultaneously, AlgoNomics is the right choice for you!

Furthermore, traders and investors can define their strategies or use pre-defined processes while conducting trades using risk management control features embedded in this software to avoid any errors or losses.

Pros and Cons

  • Mechanism with a short latency
  • Bulk trading is simple.
  • Software that is simple to use
  • Feature of risk management
  • Customer service is lacking.
  • Significant technical flaws
  • Only for experienced traders and investors.

How to Choose the Best Algo Trading Software in India

As you can see, we’ve compiled a list of the top five of the best Algo Trading software in India based on their performance, overall rating, features, price, and required tools for Algo Trading.

Without a doubt, the information provided above should answer your question about the best Algo Trading software.

However, if you’re still unsure, look at their price, customer support availability, multiple order types accessibility, key features, and other factors.

There are several Best Algo Trading Platforms in India on the market, but making the right choice will help you earn more money and improve your trading experience!

We can say that Streak is the right choice for you if you want a highly advanced fully packaged with Algo Trading software features.

Aside from these segments, you can execute your algo trading order in any financial class without difficulty.

Because Streak offers a 7-day free trial, you should take advantage of it and thoroughly examine their software.

Finally, keep in mind that each of the Algo Trading software options listed above requires you to have a Demat account with a stockbroker. In the case of Zerodha, you can open a Demat account with them or even transfer your assets to them.

Best Algo Trading Software in India

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Which is best algo trading app in India?

List of Best Algo Trading Platforms in India
Zerodha Streak Algo Trading Platform
5Paisa Algo Trading Platform
Alice Blue Algo Trading Platform.

Which is the Best Algo Trading Software in India for automated trading?

Here are our top five recommendations:
Auto-trade stocks, crypto, forex, and more with eToro Copy Trading.
Bitcoin Prime is the best-automated cryptocurrency trading software available.
NFT Profit – The Best NFT Auto Trading Platform
TeslaCoin is a cutting-edge automated trading platform.
Meta Profit is a cryptocurrency auto-trading platform with a 99.4% success rate.

What is Zerodha algo trading?

Algorithmic trading, also known as algo trading, executes orders using automated pre-programmed trading instructions that account for time, price, and volume.

What is the algo trading software?

Algorithmic trading, also known as automated trading or system trading, is algorithmic trading. It has exchange approval and is directly linked to NSE servers. For Entry/Exit, some specific rules about trade conditions are pre-defined. If these conditions are met, the computer is programmed to execute the bulk-online trade and automatically submit it to the exchange. It can use any of the following languages: AFL, MQL, C++, Python, etc.

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