Top 17 Best NFT Games to Earn Money [Latest In 2023]

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Best NFT Games to Earn: Blockchain-secured assets are immutable, meaning they can’t be changed or edited.

Decentralization: It is viewable and usable by all players.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best NFT games to help you make money. These are entertaining games where you can trade stuff and in-game characters with other players. Many of these are free NFT games that you can play to get prizes, and the Crypto gaming Bulls Telegram channel discusses the most recent free-to-play NFT games that can help you earn money.

List of Top NFT Games to Play

Here is the list of blockchain games that have been selected for November; Some of these cannot be run yet because they are in the beta stage.

1. Battle of Guardian

Battle of Guardians (BOG) is an Unreal Engine-based real-time multiplayer NFT PvP arena. This is a sophisticated fighting game based on the Solana network in which users compete to defeat other players to gain additional rewards.

It enables users to take advantage of the blockchain’s strength and outstanding graphics. Players can fight in multi-realm combat in many parts of the massive SciFi game universe. BOG is a PC-only game that will ultimately allow cross-platform multiplayer on iOS and Android.

BOG believes in the metaverse’s future and is working to create a stable gaming economy with long-term promise. The BOG delivers a fascinating and enjoyable gaming metaverse experience with excellent graphics, unique NFTs, and countless opportunities to make real money with each new game released.

The worldwide gaming market is now valued at over 300 billion dollars. The NFT gaming market, on the other hand, accounts for less than 10% of the total. There is much more potential in the gaming industry, particularly in the NFT Fighting Game.



  • Combat is intense and thrilling.
  • Interesting team-based challenges
  • Characters who are interesting
  • A great soundtrack.



  • The facial models for Star-Lord and Gamora.

2. Idle Cyber

Idle Cyber is a 2088 frontier defense game in which humans command a squad of mutants to defend humanity by defending the wall, killing cyborgs, and conquering enormous bosses.

Top 17 Best NFT Games to Earn Money - idle cyber
Top 17 Best NFT Games to Earn Money – idle cyber

Idle Cyber is based on BSC and appears to offer a lot of potential for gamers to earn, stake, and trade NFTs for a profit. This idea is robust, and investors can profit handsomely from their investment.



  • The market price is currently rising.
  • The project whitepaper is now available.
  • Binance Smart Chain has a community Contract.
  • They are completely decentralized.
  • Idle Cyber has an easy-to-navigate website.



  • The coin is still being researched and developed.
  • There are numerous issues with its ledger synchronization.
  • Some exchanges do not list it.
  • They do not have a Github profile, nor do they have a Reddit account.

3. Axie Infinity

On the Ethereum blockchain, Axie Infinity is a non-financial token (NFT) game inspired by Pokémon mythology. It features millions of charming fantasy creatures known as Axies, which players may raise, combat, and trade as digital pets. Play-to-earn is the company’s primary principle, and it pays users for their time and effort.

These gifts come in the form of an SLP (Smooth Love Potion) token, which may be earned through gameplay. On decentralized exchanges such as UniSwap and Binance, SLP tokens can be traded for other Ethereum tokens. Best NFT games to earn,

Top 17 Best NFT Games to Earn Money - axie infinity
Top 17 Best NFT Games to Earn Money – axie infinity

Axie Infinity is perhaps one of the most well-designed cryptocurrency ideas. Everything is meticulously researched and implemented, from the user experience to tokenomics. It is now the most expensive NFT collection, with a market worth of $42 million in June 2021 and predicted sales of over $1 billion in the year 2022.

\It runs on various operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android. Their goal is to build a virtual economy in which you can own and operate businesses and save, invest, and spend money without having to go to the bank.



  • A peer-to-peer system places power in the hands of the players.
  • Increased revenue earning potential with fun thrown in the mix
  • The replay value is extremely high.



  • The entry fee is prohibitively expensive.
  • The starting process is somewhat complicated.

4. Gods Unchained

Users can build decks and play the game against one other in this free-to-play and play-to-earn trading card game. Gods Unchained is a card trading game in the vein of Magic: The Gathering or Hearthstone.

According to a statement on the game’s official website, it has risen to more than $1.3 million in less than a month, thanks to its excellent in-game features and sophisticated animations. All participants own their assets because the cards are verifiable property in Ethereum. Griffith, The Chosen, an example NFT card, sold for $12k in May 2021.

Top 17 Best NFT Games to Earn Money - gods unchained
Top 17 Best NFT Games to Earn Money – gods unchained

Gods Unchained appears to be the top provider of trading card games, with a recently created marketplace and more methods than ever to exchange your cards. Gods Unchained will run on Immutable X, and its marketplace will support gas-free transactions.


  • This game is ideal if you are new to crypto games and investing. This is because Gods Unchained is available for free download!
  • Gods Unchained has multiple ways to earn money, which means your investment could be repaid while playing.
  • Gods Unchained’s creator an important factor to consider when getting involved in any Crypto/NFT style project.



  • Despite its excellent gameplay and large fan base, Gods Unchained lacks innovation in terms of gameplay and functionality. However, if you’re familiar with the genre, you’ll feel at home with this title.
  • You must invest if you want to advance in the game. You will open more doors to success as a result.

5. Crypto Kitties

The first game built on the Ethereum network was CryptoKitties. Players buy, sell, and breed cats to generate desirable qualities that are ERC-721 tokens that are indivisible and unique. CryptoKitties can be traded on major NFT exchanges like The game was created on Ethereum and released in November 2017 by Dapper Labs. Best NFT games to earn.

Collecting and nurturing digital cats is a fascinating pastime, believe it or not. The game’s popularity, for example, generated congestion and made headlines on the Ethereum network in 2017. A CryptoKitty can be obtained by purchasing one on the market or breeding two Kitties together.

Breeding allows players to get access to uncommon abilities. You can also earn rewards by amassing a cat collection. Once you’ve accumulated a group, you can transport your cats to KittyVerse to compete in catfights. You can also collaborate with other players to solve riddles.



  • One of the first vintage items from NFT
  • The price of a single CryptoKitties has reached hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • The first game on Ethereum
  • Dapper Labs also developed NBA Top Shot.
  • User friendly.


  • High app store prices
  • Some significant top 20 currencies are absent.
  • No accessible associated debit cards

6. Illuvium

Illuvium is an open-world RPG adventure game featuring a play-to-earn framework that allows users to earn in-game rewards. Players can enjoy a new era of NFTs thanks to the integration with Immutable X.

You receive 0% gas expenses, peer-to-peer minting, and instant transactions while maintaining secure control of your funds. It blends aspects of classic RPG collection games with fight techniques popularised by the Autobattler genre.

Top 17 Best NFT Games to Earn Money - illuvium
Top 17 Best NFT Games to Earn Money – illuvium

In 2022, the Illuvium game will be released to the general public.



  • Fascinating and complex gameplay mechanics
  • The immersive world promised by Unreal Engine 4
  • All proceeds are donated to the community in full.
  • An effective token release method
  • Space for growth and spin-offs



  • Squad with little development
  • Concepts used in pitches
  • Possible game delay
  • 100 Illuvials at launch alone.

7. The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a virtual metaverse where you can own land, play games, and even create your own game. You can govern the vast virtual universe as a collector, artist, game decider, or simply as a gamer who rambles through the metaverse, jumping from game to game.

The Sandbox is based on the Ethereum blockchain and includes its own money, Sand. Best NFT games to earn.

Top 17 Best NFT Games to Earn Money - illuvium
Top 17 Best NFT Games to Earn Money – illuvium

It is one of the most popular cryptocurrency metaverses. It has created an editor that may be used to make models and animations for the blockchain’s future edition. This is one of the best games to play if you want to buy digital land or real estate, and it’ll most likely pay off.



  • The Sandbox goes beyond decentralized blockchain gaming. Instead, it revolutionizes constructing a comprehensive gaming universe on Ethereum.
  • The Sandbox tokens aren’t just assets. Instead, these tokens indicate the rights users have to play the game (plus, in the case of some, to provide the same).
  • The Sandbox’s decentralized system makes buying, selling, and trading products and services easy.
  • The Sandbox has used NFTs, which are trending in the cryptosphere. NFTs turn each virtual world land piece and object into a unique, income-generating property.
  • These NFTs and The Sandbox’s decentralized protocol secure in-universe assets.



  • Given that the project’s creators used pre-mining, the ecosystem present in The Sandbox may not be fully decentralized. The authentication technique used in the protocol and the incentive system for the processing nodes is unknown. It does seem like protocol transfer recording is now done centrally.
  • The Sandbox is a new project that has been available for around seven months. However, the project’s roadmap will not be fully implemented until 2023.

8. CryptoBlades

CryptoBlades is one of the free-play-to-earn NFT games that draw inspiration from another RPG. In this war game, players engage in combat with adversaries to defeat them and get skill tokens as rewards.

Players can create weapons while they’re playing and even sell them in-game in the market. However, players must purchase a character to begin the game.

Therefore, a small charge is required to continue playing the game and participating in battles, eventually enabling players to receive rewards in the form of skill tokens.



  • Users can buy characters of various elemental types to participate in battles, raids, and pvp. All players have a low entry barrier because it is not expensive to create your first character.
  • Cryptoblades is a token you may acquire (Skill)
  • a probability-based random fight Roll
  • Possibility of character advancement
  • Character classes with traits that either make them stronger or worse against particular foes
  • Video game characters are NFTs that can be moved around.
  • The game developer team in the United States uses Binance Smart Chain, Polymatic, Avax, and a few more platforms.



  • There are still certain game components that are being built and tested.
  • Leveling lower-level characters to a point where the return on combat becomes worthwhile could take some time.

9. Plant vs Undead

Players must purchase seeds on this common play-to-earn gaming platform to participate in the game. In this well-known NFT game, players use PVU tokens to purchase seeds from the market. Later, while you’re still playing, you can trade these tokens for PVU at a specific cryptocurrency exchange.


  • The PVP beta for the game will launch in the middle of October, and it currently includes a playable demo.
  • A sizable user population plays the game.
  • To water your plants and frighten the occasional bird, you must log in once every 12 to 24 hours.
  • Instead of paying 180 USD to enter the game a month ago, you must invest 45 USD today. If the developers cease wrecking the economy, there is a chance that the price of a $PVU token could rise to 10 USD or more.


  • Neither the developers nor the investors have been publicly spreading rumors to deceive.
  • A terrible habit of making frequent, abrupt changes to the economy without giving them any thought. Be ready for last-minute changes even though you can’t plan for them.
  • A lot of FUD and a drop in the price of the $PVU token resulted from the developer’s negligence.

10. Star Atlas

One of the best multiplayer NFT games is Star Atlas, which has one of the most advanced graphic technologies available. In this intriguing game, players can construct cities, establish micro-economies, trade and purchase NFTs within the game, and establish Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO).

Unity Engine 5 is used to create this game’s graphics and special effects.


  • Very large and devoted community.
  • Huge funding and AAA ranking.
  • Extremely strong in-game economy.



  • Uncertainty about the project’s ability to deliver.
  • Massive hype is both a pro and a con.

11. Splinterlands

Splinterlands, like Gods Unchained, allows users to earn money as they play; however, there is one major difference. In this game, your progress will be saved on the blockchain rather than on Facebook or Google.

After registering during the onboarding process, you can begin playing with an introductory package of ten cards (where an account needs only to be created).

To make things easier for newcomers who may not yet understand how social media works, you can purchase additional packs from the app’s shop using the currencies you’ve earned.

Rare items may appear among the first sets purchased in some cases, so make sure there’s enough variety left to collect more pieces, and try your luck finding something great before it’s too late.



  • Splinterlands was required to be played.
  • Possibility of earning SPS airdrop points
  • The price may rise.



  • Perhaps better returns elsewhere.
  • The price may fall.

12. Polygonum

Polygonum, an upcoming game in 2022, is a multiplayer survival simulation game in which players can purchase and exchange objects within the game, as well as create their regions with customizations for all three primary zones, PVP (player versus other), PVE (hunting, fishing, and exploring), and Farming.

In addition, customers can immerse themselves in an exciting world thanks to the single server.


  • Free-to-Play distribution model
  • A diverse market for in-game assets
  • The Earn-to-Play system
  • Possibility of earning cryptocurrency legally.


  • Currently only available on PC.

13. NFT Champions

The story-driven video game NFT Champions offers players many side tasks to keep them occupied. Each region on the global map has special characters and difficulties that can be overcome alone or with companions.

You decide whether you want your experience to be independent or group-based; the type of fun tumbleweed that best meets your needs is totally up to you.

The game’s goal is to assemble your ideal team by gathering Champions, which are rare and strong monsters.

An NFT represents each one on the blockchain, which can evolve into stronger versions with different attributes or attack skills based on how hard players work during games, rewarding those who advance.


  • NFTs Promote Market Effectiveness
  • The Ownership of Physical Assets Can Be Fractionalized Using Them
  • NFTs Have Very Safe Blockchain Technology.
  • NFTs can benefit a portfolio of investments by diversifying it.


  • Illiquid and unstable NFTs
  • NFTs Don’t Bring In Money
  • NFTs Could Be Used To Continue Fraud.

14. Gold Fever

A game called Gold Fever will release in 2022. Players must forge their path through the thriving gold rush while navigating the gorgeous jungle scenery in this game of opportunity and peril.

Anyone can own the land through NFTs or structures built on plots that increase wealth while generating passive income. It has various player factions, and while Brics hinder transparency, 100% squat proofing ensures that no one other may enter a competition without being fair.

The map gives a variety of routes for the players to take as well; if it’s only about gathering resources, there are numerous possibilities available; but, when the extraction is required, be aware that only specific spots will offer what we need, namely the gold nuggets abounding.


  • A secure investment
  • It is resistant to inflation.
  • It has great value.
  • Starting is easy.


  • It could be challenging to store.
  • The release of money is more difficult.
  • Decreased capital gains

15. Sidus Heroes

This is one of the most recent free-to-play NFT games available. In this game, the emphasis is on space exploration and combat with a vast cosmos to take control over. Land can be bought on several worlds within the SIDUS metaverse with the secondary game token known as SENATE.

Creating infrastructure and producing resources that they may later sell to get money without doing any labor themselves gives gamers the chance to earn money passively! Other aspects offered by this game include creatures, unprocessed resources, land, and marketable stuff.


  • Political involvement
  • establishment and improvement of personas
  • Twelve tech-based groups are eligible to compete in the race.


  • possibly overly ambitious.

16. The Walking Dead: Empires

For those who enjoy survival horror, it is the best NFT title. The biggest and greatest play-to-earn game currently available is The Walking Dead: Empires, created by the team behind the hugely popular The Walking Dead TV program.

It is a blockchain-powered survival MMO where players work together to scavenge and fight their way across the wasteland to capture resources and territories. Players in The Walking Dead: Empires must cooperate to battle the undead.


  • Acquiring trade knowledge and working together to survive
  • The VOXverse’s metaverse
  • You can make money from land, equipment, and other things.


  • It is still in the planning phase.

17. Guild of Guardians

The NFT game Guild of Guardians is soon to go on sale. It is one of the most played mobile action RPG games today and shares the same gameplay mechanics and the in-game market as Diablo. However, Guild of Guardians also deviates from the norm by offering a cooperative gaming experience.

The player can only control one hero at a time, even if each squad has four heroes. Players face a formidable foe in a cooperative raid.

Hero archetypes include those who use magic, rogue-stabbing, role-playing, tanking, healing, and tanking. Every hero has the standard RPG traits, advantages, and disadvantages.


  • A lovely work of pixel art
  • Player vs. player video game called Guard the Tower
  • assistance from the neighborhood


  • The potential to collapse at any moment
  • Certain game modes are unavailable.

How to earn from NFT Games?

Play-to-earn Blockchain-based NFT games give players rewards in the form of digital assets like NFTs, character skins, or bitcoin. An NFT, on the other hand, provides players discretion over what they do with their in-game resources.

Renting out NFT characters and staking tokens are just two of the many methods to make money in the blockchain gaming sector. Which are:

1. Currency earned in-game

Players can withdraw money from several blockchain games or trade in-game currency for different cryptocurrencies. For example, in games like Axie Infinity, new players can earn between 75 and 300 SLP per day, depending on the variables.

Additionally, new players can earn four to five BCOINs by participating in activities like the Treasure Hunt mode of games like Bomb Crypto.

2. A breeding program

Beyond fighting and exploring, breeding is another passive revenue possibility in blockchain games. Breeding is the process of creating new tokens for blockchain games and distributing them.

Beginning with breeding, it is feasible to earn a sizable sum of money. To increase the likelihood of breeding valuable NFT collectibles, it could be required to buy valuable parent NFTs. On average, a CryptoKitty sells for about $65. However, some have sold for over $2 million, and some are just worth a few hundred thousand.

3. Token staking.

Staking is used to get benefits by locking your tokens. For example, you allow other users to trade your tokens by staking them. In addition, you receive incentives by storing tokens for a predetermined amount of time, or “epochs,” and then using those tokens to fund your transactions.

In Epoch 1 of games like DeFi Kingdoms, you can gain 5% unblocked prizes for each staked token. Additionally, every Epoch claims 2% of tips. The stakes, however, differ from game to game. Depending on the game, the staked tokens could yield between 10% and 20% annually.

4. Purchasing mining stock

This means of making money won’t appeal to everyone, but it is something to think about. You might be accustomed to bitcoin mining. Hardware produces new coins during coin mining.

A professional mining rig can cost up to $15,000; thus, if a miner doesn’t already have one, their initial investment will determine their profitability. After being mined, the value of the coins is not guaranteed, and mining pool incentives differ. Selling mined coins or including them in games is a way to generate passive revenue.

5. Supporting scholarships

In blockchain games, scholarship guilds have both management and players who are also scholars. Typically, characters are rented out for money through scholarship guilds. These NFTs are owned by the manager and are used by scholars to play the game. Additionally, rewards are distributed to guild members.

Players can divide their in-game earnings through scholarship schemes. For example, guild members can get 50% to 70% of their earned SLP via Axie.

NFT Game Development Cost

Depending on the features available, it is possible to create NFT games that provide users with a better user experience. It is not uncommon for different development processes to generate games at varying speeds per hour.

However, based on the development costs of comparable games, we can estimate that the game would likely cost between $200k and $350K. Depending on the game’s specific features and gameplay, the cost may be higher or lower.

The prices for NFT Unity game development are listed below.

  • The US costs $300K to produce an NFT game.
  • An NFT game costs $350K to produce in the UK.
  • An NFT game costs $280K to produce in Canada.
  • A $200K NFT game is made in India.
  • Australia: $265K is the cost to make an NFT game.

To maximize efficiency, NFT Unity games should include these parameters.

The Bottom Line

Play-to-earn games will keep growing in popularity in the NFT gaming industry. You can play many more play-to-earn games than the few we’ve selected here, so check them out. All significant tokens are available for purchase for those looking to begin NFT gaming.

Is it possible to make profit from NFT games?

Best NFT Games to EarnNFTs are undeniably comparable to cryptocurrencies, but they serve a different purpose. You must first convert your currency to a cryptocurrency via an exchanging platform. Check out the bitcoins period to make even more huge profits in cryptocurrency trading. Players in NFT games are rewarded with NFTs that have real-world market value.

What are in-game transactions?

Best NFT Games to EarnIn-game transactions are items or points that a player can buy to utilize in the virtual world to better their character or improve the overall gaming experience. These in-game purchases are the principal source of money for the makers of free-to-play games.

Which is the best game to earn?

Battle of Guardian
Idle Cyber
Axie Infinity
Gods Unchained
Crypto Kitties
The Sandbox
Plant vs Undead
Star Atlas.

How much can you earn from NFT games?

It is possible to make money from P2E games! Learn how two top players earned over $700 in cryptocurrency by investing time in NFT Gaming.

Are there any free NFT games?

CryptoBlades. CryptoBlades is one of the free-play-to-earn NFT games that draw inspiration from another RPG. In this war game, players engage in combat with adversaries to defeat them and get skill tokens as rewards. In addition, players can create weapons while playing and sell them in the game’s market.

Can you get rich playing NFT games?

Although there are some scammers, NFT gaming can be a reliable way to make money through gaming. NFT gaming offers many opportunities for financial gain. Play-to-earn games, some of the most well-liked NFT games available today, are an option.

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